Finding Paradise When Rogue River Rafting the River of No Return

Maybe someone close to you had the privilege of experiencing Rogue River rafting for rafters in all itś glory. Besides, floating the famed River that is affectionately called the “River of No Return” turns out to be the perfect time to enjoy the strong river flows and magnificent weather. Couple that with friendly people, scrumptious meals and some of the best campsites around, and you have paradise. Life does not get any better than this.

Taking the time out to venture out on the Rogue River will afford you a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a blast.

How Do You Discover Paradise on the Great Rogue River?

The Main section of the Rogue River that stretches 85-miles long is said to be one of the top venues in the Northern part of America. Particularly if you intend going on a long weekend trip. Do not overlook the opportunity to raft the Middle Fork of the Rogue. Then again, there is Hells Canyon and the Lower Rogue where you get to enjoy multi-day trips.

However, we are focusing on the Main Rogue that is arguably seen as the best wilderness whitewater vacation in the U.S.

Why is so? For starters, it is hardly as difficult to navigate as the Middle Fork would be or the Grand Canyon. Therefore, it is family friendly and safe for seniors as well as smaller kids who may not know how to swim properly.

The Rogue River is super great for beginner kayakers, and novice rafters due to the large pool follow rapids that make life so much easier for the inexperienced.

Another benefit is the fact this section of the River is the mere mellowness that serves to

reduce the stress meter. What is more, the Rogue is bordered by spacious campsites where one can hang out at your leisure to swim, engage in bocce ball and horseshoes, or just relax.

Exciting Rapids on the Rogue River

One of the names that typically comes up is the Alder Creek rapid, which is just a few miles from the put-in. An even more popular rapid is the Black Creek. Once you paddle up on what used to be the Rogue Falls, you will soon detect the thunderous sounds of the Black Creek rapids. The horizon line you see is a sure indication of a steep drop ahead. Luckily, there is a big pool down below to ensure an easy rescue.

Barth Hot Springs provides a soothing soak. Depending what time of the year you visit the area, you can expect the water to be about 105 degrees.

Once you hit day three on the Rogue, you can expect a different type of excitement in that you would encounter a lot more whitewater, which includes the famous Five Mile Rapids, Experienced rafters would caution you to stay left to avoid the huge holes you will find on the right-hand side.

In the end, all the struggling with the varied rapids is well worth it once you land at Ground Hog Bar, which turns out to be one of the favorite camping sites around here. What you’ll find is that it offers a fantastic swimming beach that is right next to a sandy and shallow water landing. Some folks would set up a volleyball net in the shallow waters to make as cool game possible on a hot day.

Your kids will be chuffed with day 4 of your rafting excursion. Your group will float to Buckskin Bill where the kids can enjoy a lovely chocolate ice cream bar. Who would have thought that this snack is even an option on the wilderness River?

A little bit of history about Buckskin Bill, He was a mountain man in the 1930s who made deerskin clothes and knives as well as built custom rifles. This guy had various hideouts to protect himself from intruders all around the world.

One thing you can be sure of is that the “River of No Return” brings a lot of history with it. When you are afforded the opportunity to meet up with old hands like the guys over at Orange Torpedo Trips, you get to learn all the ins and out of old-timers like Johnny Carrey and Cort Conley as well as who the first people were who float the Great Rogue River.

It is heartwarming to see just how much the historic site and old cabins have to offer.