How Modern Ceiling Fans Set Themselves Apart from Normal Cooling Fans

Modern fans are not just a beautiful decoration, but the result of functionality combined with beauty. Ceiling fans do more than circulate the air; it also accentuates any room. This would depend on the type of ceiling fixtures you opt to bring the whole place together. Look at our version of Modern Ceiling Fans Installation – Modern Fan for Bedroom & Home.

Ceiling fans get a crummy rap for being clunky and outmoded, but many of the modern ones are way more streamlined than before.

You and your hubby might be busy building your first home. As the women of the house, you may be in luck as you get to have your way on nearly every decision thus far.

Besides, you want a little more than just a stylish new look, but also energy efficiency and improved circulation.

However, some magazine on design reckons that ceiling fans are a no-no as you may very well commit design suicide. With all due respect, weren’t they ripping the older and horrendously outdated, wobbly, messy fans?

Also, who of you would emphasize appearance before comfort. In our books that is not good design.

There is even hope for those of us who are a little vain when it comes to modern-day ceiling fans as their design has come a long way. Some are seen as sculptural works of art.

Needless to say, it turns out to be a whole lot of fun watching ceiling fan designs take on stunning finishes and shapes.

Choosing the right fan regarding style and proportion is imperative. Take a cathedral ceiling for instance. If used in larger spaces, it provides an opportunity to sport something big and bold.

Should fans have lights or no lights? Some of you may be biased against it. That is until you begin to notice just how streamlined and contemporary fans with lights turn out to be. If your room can do with a bit of overhead lighting, why not install a ceiling fan that is equipped with lights? We are not talking about the older, out of style ceiling fans that shake, rattle and collect a lot of dust, but the modern ones that incorporate a light source of another kind.

What about the noise a fan makes? Particular attention should be paid to the decibel rating for the fan noise.

Modern cooling fans need not hang down from the middle of your ceiling. Look just how Old Havana fans manage to circulate air from the sidelines.

Maybe you have an aversion to fan-blade shapes in which case the sleek industrial looking, cage-like ceiling fans are best.

In general ceiling fans that have modern features are super efficient at circulating air throughout your house, especially within a large, open space.

Hint: If you are ready to make use of a ceiling fan as part of your home design, think about it as you would about a modern mobile with uniquely curved blades that makes for an attractive, contemporary and eye-catching design.

Out there you will find a fan for every style, which is partly the reason for consulting a ceiling fan expert like It is a case of going beyond the usual hardware when you want to coordinate the design of a fan to match the rest of the decor of your room.

Also, you do not have to spend an absolute fortune just to have stylish fans. You can easily source everyday white fans for less than $60. Some elegant modern style fans can be picked up at under $120.

People have different opinions about modern day ceiling fans. Number one is some do not favor lights embedded in the fans. Secondly, folks love something simple that is stylish, sleek and well-finished. Thirdly, get yourself a more massive fan with a sizeable diameter as longer blades will be slower and less noisy. Bedroom fans need to have a specific decibel rating to ensure a quieter fan. Others again prefer having a ceiling fan as opposed to dealing with ACs where you have to shut the house up.

Clearly, one has an enormous amount of choice regarding great ceiling fans.